DotCom From late 1997 to early 1999, I worked at a company that published a magazine called "Contract Professional", for people who worked in the computer contracting industry. They already had a comic character, but nobody else there really wanted to draw the comic, so they let me give it a shot. The character's name: Dorothy Com, a computer contracter. But of course she went by the name "Dot" know "Dot Com". If you thought that was funny, please go here now. Let me reiterate that this was not my joke. So the challenge was to take this concept like this and make it at least kinda funny. Anyway, check out the complete catalog of my efforts:

  • Comics 21-24
  • Comics 25-28
  • Comics 29-32
  • Comics 33-36
  • Comics 37-40
  • And if you care to read it, here's the story of the end of the Dot.Com era, at least for me.