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2008 Season
1/21/09: Gil Thorp and some guy who looks like Craig T. Nelson in: "Don't Knock the house of Cards!   1/14/09: Today Football Outsiders asks some fans "Who would you like to see as your team's next head coach?
1/7/09: For some reason, Gil Thorp talks to a bunch of San Diego Chargers! 12/24/08: Lazy Cartoonist Productions presents: "Talking Helmet Theater!"
12/17/08: "To What 1980's Movie Character would you like to change your name?"
12/10/08: You thought Gil Thorp comics were bad? How about these rejected football comic ideas! 12/3/08: Gil Thorp and Plaxico Burress in "A Wild Shot in the Dork!"
11/26/08: Football Outsiders Comics Presents: Philadelphia Eagles Family Circus
11/19/08: Gil Thorp and Kurt Warner in "Razing Arizona" 11/12/08: Today, with ridiculous injury problems in the Bronco backfield...Gil vets some former Denver RBs
10/8/08: Gil Thorp in "Another Wealthy Idiot Makes Poor Investment Decisions"
10/1/08: Al Davis in "By the Power of Black and Silver and Grayskull!" 9/24/08: A Very Special Matt Millen-related repeat...
9/17/08: Ed "Muscles" Hochuli in "Don't F**k with the Hoch!"
9/10/08: Today, Classic Gil asks some quarterbacks with issues..."What the hell is your problem?" 9/3/08: Gil Thorp in "A Player to be Named Later"
8/27/08: Gil Thorp in "Back to the Drawing Board"

2007 Season
2/6/08: Eli Manning in "Partying in Paris" 1/30/08: The 2008 Superbowl: Prop Bets You Should Have Taken!
1/23/08: Gil Thorp in "A Giant Waste of Time!"
1/16/08: That wacky Gil Thorp in "A Manning for All Seasons!" 1/9/08: Gil Thorp and Matt Hasselbeck in "How to Lock up a Victory!"
1/2/08: Marmaduke the Dumbass Dog who works holidays in "Marmaduke's Recent and Lousy Adventures"
12/19/07: Gil Thorp and Tony Romo in "Short-Term Mammary Problem!" 12/12/07: Gil Thorp and Warrick Dunn in "Falcon Up the Franchise"
12/5/07: The Rather Sad Adventures of the Winless Miami Dolphins! (Starring the Only Cartoon Character Loser Enough to Portray Them...)
11/28/07: Football Outsiders presents: "Games Played Under Adverse Conditions!" 11/14/07: Gil Thorp and a Bad Chart in "Offenesively Inoffensive"
11/7/07: Gil Thorp and an Unlikely Hero in "Wee Want More!"
10/31/07: Classic Peanuts, featuring "Good Ol' Pats Opponent" 10/24/07: The Cartoonist and his Boss in "Just Can't Ticket Anymore"
10/17/07: Vinny Testaverde and Some Cavemen Dudes in "Old Man Panther"
10/10/07: Gil Thorp and Mack Strong in: "Same Crap, Different Thorpe" 10/3/07: Gil Thorp asks various crappy QBs: "Why did you suck in Week 4?"
9/26/07: Football Outsiders asks: "What do you think the Saints' problem is?
9/19/07: Gil Thorp and Lee Evans Majors in "Buffalo Crazy Juice" 9/12/07: Gil Thorp in "Easy as Spy!"
9/5/07: Gil Thorp in "Taking the Fantasy Too Far!"
8/29/07: Travis Henry in "Can You Believe I Lost My Helmet Again? 8/22/07: Gil Thorp and a Cast of Several Others in "Cut the Crap"
8/15/07: Gil Thorp and the Self-Referential Cartoonist in: "I Don't Wanna Know What You Did All Summer"

2006 Season
2/7/07: Football Outsiders Asks: "What are your plans for the off-season?" 1/31/07: Football Outsiders Presents: Sucker Bets for the 2007 Superbowl
1/24/07: Gil Thorp and Peyton Manning in "Endorsement Condition" 1/17/07: A Special Message from Tedy Bruschi
1/10/07: Gil Thorp and Rex Grossman in "The Great...Hey what's that over there?"
1/3/07: Marty Moon in "Poor Sports Talk Radio" 12/27/06: Gil Thorp and Friends in "Merry Friggin' Whatever!" 12/20/06: Marmaduke Cop-Out Comix
12/13/06: Marty Schottenheimer and L.T. in "Ad Nauseum" 12/6/06: Matt Millen in "Yeah, Like They Needed Another Reason to Fire Me" 11/29/06: Jay Cutler in "Things to Do in Denver When You're God"
11/15/06: Gil Thorp asks the 49ers: "What Do You Think of the Team's Pending Move to Santa Clara?" 11/8/06: Gil Thorp and a Special Guest in "From Brad to Worse" 11/1/06: Football Outsiders presents: "This Year's Scariest Halloween Costumes"
10/25/06: Gil Thorp and the Kansas City Chiefs in: "A Totally Lost Cause!" 10/18/06: Gil Thorp and Edgerrin James in: "How to Lose Your Edge!" 10/11/06: Welcome to the annual meeting of "Secretly Crappy Quarterbacks Anonymous"
10/4/06: Football Outsiders Presents: "What Albert Haynesworth Plans to do During His Suspension!" 9/27/06: Football Outsiders Presents: "Winless Coaches Expressing the Bright Side" 9/7/06: Football Outsiders Presents: "Guys You Hate to Have in Your Fantasy League!"
8/24/06: Bryant Gumbel & Gil Thorp in: "The Rough n Gumbel N.F.L.!" 8/17/06: Gil Thorp, Ashley Lelie and Various Weirdos in "Blowing More than the Trade Winds!" 8/10/06: Maurice Clarett in "A Bungler Finds a Home!"

 2005 Season    
2/1/06: Football Outsiders presents "Lesser-Known Superbowl XL Proposition Bets" 12/28/05: Gil Thorp in "Super Weak 17 Preview!" 12/14/05: "What Ever Happened to the Insane Clinton Portis Character Posse?"
12/7/05: "Coaches' Christmas Wish List!" 11/30/05: The Old and Fat Undefeated 1972 Miami Dolphins in: "Indianapolis Intrigue!" 11/23/05: "Dave-ine Inspiration"
11/16/05: Gil Thorp and Bill Cowher in "No Laughing Matter!" 11/9/05: Terrell Owens in "How to Win Back the American Public!" 11/2/05: Those Wacky Houston Texans in "The N.F.L. is a Drag!"
10/26/05: Gil Thorp in "The Ultimate Back-King!" 10/19/05: Gil Thorp in "Vikin' Likin'" 10/12/05: Gil Thorp in "Revenge of the Third"
10/5/05: Gil Thorp and Steve Mariucci in "Cross Over the Lion!" 9/28/05: "Third String's a Charm" starring Gil Thorp and Wee Brooks Bollinger 9/21/05: Gil Thorp in "No Really, These are Actual Panels from the Comic!"
9/14/05: Gil Thorp and his Co-Workers in "Daft Draft" 9/1/05: Gil Thorp and Some Random Tourists in "The Hall of Lame!" 8/18/05: Football Outsiders presents "Worst Offseason Free Agent Moves"
8/11/05: Michael Vick is "Cankerman: The Legend of Ron Mexico" 8/4/05: Gil Thorp and Kellen Winslow Jr. in "Brown and Out" 7/28/05: A little comic called "Love Is..."

 2004 Season    
2/3/05: "And Now: Really Obscure Superbowl Bets!" 1/20/05: Peyton Manning in "Colt-Blooded Killer!" 1/14/05: N.F.L. Future Films Presents: "The Next Randy Moss TD Celebration"
1/7/05: "Coach Mike Warning Labels" 12/17/04: "N.F.L. Fuzzy Logic!" 12/10/04: Gil Thorp in "Hopeless in Seattle"
12/3/04: Gil Thorp in "What Can't Browns Do For You?" 11/25/04: "The Adventures of Two Random Ugly Guys in a Bar! 11/18/04: "What Was the Biggest QB Controversy of Week 10?"
11/11/04: "The Great Cincinnati Fashion Caper!" starring Gil Thorp 11/4/04: Linus van Pelt in "Life in a Blue State!" 10/28/04: "Wacky Real Life Adventures of N.F.L. Week 8!"
10/21/04: The Drunken Red Sox Fan Presents: "A True Bronx Cheer!" 10/14/04: Jamal Lewis in: "Raven About the N.F.L." 10/7/04: Ricky Williams in: "Smarter Than Ya Thought!"
9/30/04: Wacky Dick Vermeil in: "All Jagged Up" 9/23/04: Quentin Griffin in: "Cannonball Runner" 9/16/04: "If I'm Lion I'm Dyin'!" starring Gil Thorp
9/9/04: "The Adventures of Gil Thorp and Bitter-Beer-Face Man" 8/19/04: "Can't Stop the Bum Rush!" starring Gil Thorp 7/21/04: Drew Bledsoe in: "How to Stay #1"
7/14/04: "Mile-High Madness!" starring Jake "the Snake" Plummer 4/27/04: "The Adventures of a Number One Draft Pick"  

 2003 Season    
2/4/04: "The Adventures of Phil Simms and Greg Gumbel" 1/27/04: "The Adventures of Some Announcing Dudes" 1/20/04: "The Adventures of Gil Thorp and the N.F.C. Champs"
1/13/04: "The Adventures of Gil Thorp and Some Ram" 1/6/04: "The Adventures of Gil Thorp and King Mike" 12/30/03: "The Adventures of Gil Thorp and Mike Tice"
12/23/03: "The Adventures of Gil Thorp and John Carney" 12/9/03: "Outside the Box 2" 12/2/03: "Outside the Box 1"