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"Mashin' up the comix since before it was cool!"
A goofy concept by Jason Beattie

If you're like me (which I'm sure you aren't), when you read through the comics, you find very little to laugh at, as many of today's syndicated comics are very likely drawn by people who are in fact, dead*. The concept behind BetterComix is simply to take elements of two or more existing comics and combine them for a better result (that is, actually funny in some way).

For no particular reason, except perhaps to make the whole thing a bit more of a challenge, here are the rules I came up with for creating BetterComix:
  • The comics used must all be published on the same day.
  • It's all done cut and paste from the original print edition, (ransom-note style), no photoshop tweaking or resizing of any graphics or text.

    Alright enough babble, without further Apu, enjoy BetterComix...!

  • The HermDocks (1/19/03)
    The Amazing Marmaduke (1/19/03)
    Rex Loser, M.D. (1/19/03)
    Get Ziggzzy (1/26/03)
    Hi & Funky Forth (1/26/03)
    The Snuffy Circus (1/26/03)
    Raising Heads (1/26/03)
    The Boonesbury (1/26/03)
    Dilduke (2/16/03)
    Garbuckets (3/9/03)
    Ziggy the Horrible... (3/9/03)
    Pearls Before Pickles (3/9/03)
    The Family of Id (4/13/03)
    Doonerman (2/2/03)
    The Family Willy (6/29/03)
    Duncantrot (6/29/03)
    Jump Start the Menace (8/31/03)
    Rex Raisin, M.D. (8/31/03)
    Close to the Circus (11/9/03)
    Prince Winkerbean (5/16/04)
    Denopus the Catshaft (4/30/06)
    The Family Blond (5/14/06)
    Bound & Prick (7/23/06)
    The Cus Baby (7/23/06)
    Sherman's Sally Club (11/18/06) NEW!

    11/19/06 NEW! Let's hope that Ted Forth's not-really-so-surprising leap was worth the several months wait for a new BetterComix.

    7/23/06 Two strips posted: Characters don't understand own comic, and Billy proves the facts of life aint just a TV show.

    Also check out "Better B.C." For those that enjoy BetterComix AND cartoons about Jesus-loving cavemen...

    Stay tuned for more new strips soon...or if you prefer to join my update list, just e-mail me.

    * OK, so at one point I actually counted the number of comics in my local papers (Rocky Mountain News/Denver Post) and without actually doing any fact-checking (seemed like waaaaay too much work), my best guess was that 5 out of the 72 comics were drawn by dead guys. That's nearly 7% of the comics...And that doesn't even count the comics that are pretty much drawn by the authors' kids now ("Beetle Bailey", "Family Circus") and some others that very well could be done by someone else 'cause they've been lurking around for 30 years ("B.C.", "Hi & Lois", "The Lockhorns", "Herman", the list goes on....) With the exception of "Classic Peanuts", most such comics really should have been replaced with something better years ago...

    Then again, if they had been, I wouldn't have so much great material for BetterComix...So keep the crap comin', ya wacky mummy cartoonists!