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Better B.C.
Helpin' Johnny Hart get his work back in order...
B.C. is one of those unfortunate comics that used to be funny many years ago...But over time has become (depending on the day) either horribly lame, bash-you-over-the-head-with-a-Bible preachy, or just utterly incomprehensible.

So what happened? Well thanks to this posting on the Comics Curmudgeon (the blog which I wish I'd been smart enough to start by the way...Great stuff) it dawned on me that maybe Johnny Hart is just getting a bit mixed up in his later years. The concept behind "Better B.C." is to take existing panels from B.C. comics and rearrange them in order to come up with an actual joke. I can certainly hope that this is how Johnny intended his work to appear...or if not, he should at least appreciate its intelligent design.
    Better B.C. 1
    Better B.C. 2
    Better B.C. 3
    Better B.C. 4
    Better B.C. 5
    Better B.C. 6
    Better B.C. 7
    Better B.C. 8 NEW!

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Better BC 2

The inspiration for "Better B.C.": The 4/15/06 comic in which one character mysteriously transforms from one panel to the next.

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