Denver Gorilla Run 2004

On October 23, 2004, I participated in the First Annual Denver Gorilla Run. This involved running around in a gorilla costume (5 miles) to raise money for mountain gorillas. Yep, it was sweaty and tiring, but fun! Thanks to my mom and my friend Nimita for the pictures. 

Disco Gorilla at the starting line.

Handsome guy, handsomer shirt.

(Yes I know "handsomer" isn't a word.)

Ready, set...


OK, so I guess I wasn't trying to win...

Sexy gorillas at the finish line.

Finished in under an hour!

The lopsided hair had me running slightly to the right.
Fortunately, the course was clockwise.

Proof that I got sweaty and gross.
Aren't you glad I'm sharing?

Winner, most clever costume: A mountain-climbing
mountain gorilla. Get it? No? OK, I'll wait for you.

Winner, oldest gorilla. Bitter runners-up look on.

Winner, skinniest gorilla.

OK, nevermind. There are plenty of photos cooler than that.

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