Mental at the Margin While a freshman at Brown University in Providence, RI, I learned that all one had to do to get a comic strip printed in the daily college paper was to, well, submit a comic to the daily college paper. With standards like this, how could I lose? So over 6 semesters, I drew three comics a week, several with actual punchlines.

"Mental at the Margin" made its spectacularly illegible debut on January 28, 1994, and fortunately got a little better after that. So, like an insane George Lucas tinkering with his masterpieces, I will attempt to bring you these digitally remastered comics. (I have pretty much just tweaked them for readability's sake, and mercifully fixed any misspellings. The crude drawing style remains.)

Spring '94
Comics 1-6
Comics 7-11
Comics 12-17
Comics 18-23
Comics 24-29
Comics 30-35
    Fall '94
Comics 36-71
will be here later...

    Spring '95
Comics 72-77
Comics 78-83
Comics 84-89

Comics 90-95
Comics 96-100
Comics 101-106
Comics 107-110

As there are over 200 of these strips, I haven't "remastered" them all yet...But eventually I hope the whole archive to be here. Enjoy...