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4/13/94: Exciting fact: Due to some silly Rhode Island law, the Store 24 on Thayer Street isn't even open 24 hours a day.

4/18/94: In an amazing set of coincidences, I was also joining a fraternity at this time, Zeta Delta Xi (Zete). One member, Josh Ewen
was an Egyptology major. What are the odds?

4/19/94: The eerie coincidences continue: Another Zete, Josh Lehrer, was at the time obsessed with Doom. Remember Doom?

4/20/94: Oh my God! Zete is co-ed too! It's like this cartoonist is ripping off my life! Oh wait...I'm the cartoonist.
Anyway, I insisted at the time that the girl I drew here was NOT my girlfriend at the time. Obviously it's based on her...
I think I just didn't want her to be insulted by my crappy drawing.