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      These first 6 comics I drew approximately 3 hectares tall, not realizing it'd be impossible to read them when printed.
I'll let you strain your eyes just a bit to get the full effect.

1/28/94: The first appearance of Rodney, and some guy named Mr. Johnston who fortunately never reappeared.

1/31/94: The first appearance of Hubert the centipede. He wasn't intended to be a recurring character.

2/1/94: OK, I actually knew Hubert would be back just this once, but never again...I mean what kind of character is a centipede?

2/2/94: The first appearance of Irwin, who probably swiped this great shirt off of Linus van Pelt.

2/7/94: Wow, I was even making fun of Marmaduke back then! (For more Marmaduke mockery, check out these BetterComix: 1 2)
Also, Irwin has changed into his usual vest. I guess the shirt was just for the job interview.

2/8/94: Look at that: The characters' legs! AND background! Won't be seeing much of those ever again, I promise.