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      More comics and creative crap from the brain of Jason Beattie

This is the home for all the creative stuff that doesn't fit into the other pages. It might as well be retitled "The Random Crap Page".

As an homage to our wonderful president, I've done a few comics entitled
"George at Home".

Don't you just love those auto commercials where the SUVs trample pristine environments? Me neither...

I drew a comic called "Toon Ups" for a new auto service magazine. Then the lady who was going to publish it joined the Witness Protection Program...

Ever try to sum up 10 years of your life into a single page? Why would you do that? Why would I do that? Who knows?

Chewbacca! Whoooooooo!

Come along and explore the mysteries of modern syndicated comics!

I'm scared here. Take me back home.