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      The Mysteries of Modern Syndicated Comics!

Usually newspaper comics fall into a few distinct categories: "Funny", "Slightly amusing" and "Not funny, but I understand the lame joke". But sometimes there is another category: "My God? What the hell is going on here?" I started this page to address such comics. Note: I'm not currently updating this page, but if critiquing weird syndicated comics floats your boat, check out my Gil Thorp blog or the ever amusing Comics Curmudgeon

Rex Morgan 2/24/03
Rex Morgan, as far as I know, is never meant to intentionally be funny...It follows the "adventures" of Dr. Morgan and some other these odd folks in a supermarket. (Notice the excitement of the story is increased by use of exclamation points! Grocery shopping! Woooo!) Anyway, I have been pondering this particular strip for some time...Specifically the phrase "Oooh, tinky!" What does this mean? Was this girl recently watching Teletubbies? Does her diaper need changing? Is she merely speaking in tongues? Why does the comic end this way? The following day's comic makes no mention of "tinky", so I am left wondering...Anybody have an opinion on this important issue?

Helen, Sweetheart of the Internet, 2/24/03
D- Cup...

Goodness, what sort of "special effects" are being used in this comic?

"The Family Circus" is usually just stupid, but at least you understand the point, however lame it may be. But this one's got me baffled...what does it mean? Are vacuum cleaner attachments notorious for taking up a lot of space? Why exactly is the mother discarding them anyway? Is she finally, after all these years, rising up from her lowly position of house-keeper and nanny for annoying children who never age, casting off the yoke of the oppressive "Daddy", and heading for the greener pastures of "Doonesbury" where she can finally pursue her political dreams? What do you think? (A thanks to my sister Julie for alerting me to this mysterious comic!)

Do you have any "Mysteries of Syndicated Comics"? Lemme know about 'em, perhaps I will be inspired to revive this page from the dead...